October 2015 Newsletter

With the changes that come with the fall season, we are also seeing incredible changes in our students. As the school year goes on, we continue to see the students improve more and more through both their academics and behavior, and we look forward to witnessing their continued growth.


Walmart donates $10,000!

A group of local Walmart stores came together to provide us with a generous $10,000 donation to benefit all of our middle school centers. We are beyond grateful for their support. To learn more about Walmart’s sponsorship of Firewall Centers, read here.

Center Spotlight: Bair Middle School

DSC_0273 (1)

This year is the third year that our Bair Middle School center has been open, and we now serve 65 students each day. The Bair center has a wonderful sense of community both among the students and the mentors. The students love to spend time together during snack time and work together on their homework.



Sierra is a first-year mentor at our Bair center. She is in graduate school at Nova Southeastern earning her masters degree in student counseling. She was drawn to Firewall because she “wanted to find a mentor program that works on academics as well as building character, and I liked the philosophy behind building integrity and becoming servant leaders.” She said her favorite part about being a mentor is “building the relationships by just talking to the students and seeing what their interests are and being that listening ear for each student.”


Dumani is an eighth grader at Bair Middle School. At the start of the school year, he had a hard time staying focused on his academics and would talk when he was supposed to be working on his homework.Over the past few weeks, his behavior has made a complete 180. Now, he lets his mentors know what his assignments are and finishes all of his homework on time. His mentor Sierra said he helps his classmates with work he has already completed “not by giving answers away but by actually guiding them to find the correct answer.”

Yearbook Day at Bair

Our students at Bair Middle School got a special surprise with the first Firewall Yearbook Day of the school year! They rotated through different activity stations such as a photo booth and a drawing station. The students were able to let their creativity shine through by running the photo booth themselves, drawing pictures at the drawing station and illustrating how they apply different Firewall values. Check out some of the highlights from the day below!

                                         Student drawing     Photo booth     drawing station

We could not be more proud of how our students have been performing, and we look forward to updating you on their continued progress as we move into the second quarter!