February 2013 Newsletter

As our partners and supporters know, the vision of Firewall Centers is to transform students into servant leaders. As the 3rd Quarter of the school year begins, staff has had the privilege to see this vision being realized once again. Every year, students grow and learn to be servant leaders. Those students who go above and beyond are recognized as Servant Leaders of the Quarter. Here is what some of them are saying in appreciation of the Firewall program:

 Servant Leader: Arnold

“Firewall has helped me become a better student because it has given me the foundation to strive in my academic world. Firewall helps by assisting me when I need mentoring. Firewall even offers the supplies that I need to achieve my goals. Firewall pushed me to achieve my goal of receiving straight A’s. Firewall is like my guardian angel—because Firewall has taught me the four keys of success: Faith, Integrity, Relationships, and Excellence.”

– Arnold Fuentes, 6th grade, Indian Ridge Middle School



Servant Leader: Rony-Son

“Firewall has helped me to become a better person because I used to just go home and forget about my schoolwork. Now I come to Firewall every day and participate in the program. The mentors push me to do all my homework, and now I am doing better at school and I am getting good grades.”

– Rony-Son Aristilde, 6th grade, Attucks Middle School


Students like Arnold and Rony-Son had no idea what they were capable of. But Firewall recognizes the potential inside of every youth, and we provide the lasting impact in their lives to make it happen. Now, they too see that they truly can succeed. And they now know that being a leader is not just about being first—it is about serving others.

Thank you for being a part of the Firewall Family. You are vital to the mission of equipping and supporting students as they strive toward their greatest potential. You are helping to transform students into servant leaders—those who change the world!