July 2012 Newsletter

Firewall Kicks Off A Brand New Center!

We feel blessed to be able to announce the opening of yet another Firewall Center! The City of Hollywood contacted us in February asking us to provide our services to students in a very at-risk neighborhood near Attucks Middle School. Since then, we have met with the school’s

principal and the program directors at the city’s Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. They are all excited about partnering with us and the City of Hollywood is even letting us use this excellent facility free of charge! This new partnership will allow us to provide our much needed services to another 25 middle school students.

It is truly amazing how doors have opened wide for Firewall yet again, and we are certainly looking forward to what the future holds in store for us as we continue to fulfill our mission each and every day. Between our four centers this coming school year, we will be able to touch the lives of over 150 students every day! But we know that the need is great and we cannot get the job done without your prayers and support!

“Anyone wanting to be a leader must first be the servant.”
– Jesus Christ

Servant Leadership is at the core of everything that we do and teach at Firewall. Our staff models it, our students are encouraged and rewarded as they display it, and our friends and partners share our passion for it. That is why we had such an awesome day on June 30 when a group of 15 servant leaders from Calvary Chapel Plantation enthusiastically helped us to greatly improve our high school center in Davie.

These men took time out of their Saturday to do everything from electrical repairs, to carpentry, to pressure cleaning, and even hung our new Firewall sign on the building. Their work also included staining the access ramp and stairs as well as repainting the outside trim of the building a beautiful shade of “Mountain Blueberry.”

So we just want to take this opportunity to thank the MANY people who bless us with their time, treasure, and talents. You always come through for us and we want to thank you for supporting Firewall as we endeavor to impact the lives of students in neighborhoods throughout South Florida!