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Now they have a chance!
Call us toll free: 9545301871
Firewall Centers

Firewall is a non-profit organization that provides low-income, middle and high school students with free daily, mentoring, tutoring, and servant leadership development.

Our nation has a dropout epidemic. About 1.3 million students drop out every year. That’s 7,000 a day! At Firewall, we challenge the statistics and prove that with the right academic help and involvement, these at-risk students can not only survive, but thrive.


  • “The value ‘Never Quit’ helped me the most because I used to struggle a lot back in 6th grade and I always wanted to give up but Firewall has taught me to never quit.”

    7th grade, Indian Ridge Middle
  • “Firewall helps me do my best at math because math is kind of difficult for me and the problems always trick me.”

    6th grade, Crystal Lake Middle
  • “I think the value of integrity that Firewall taught has helped me the most. No matter what, I want to try to do the right thing even if no one is watching.”

    6th grade, Plantation Middle
  • “When I give back and help others, it makes me happy to know I could always help others when they need it.”

    6th grade, Pompano Beach Middle
  • “Firewall has helped me improve in all aspects; I've grown in my studying habits and am more social with others around me.”

    9th grade, Blanche Ely High
  • “Firewall taught me how to be independent instead of always being in a group and depending on someone to help/give me the answers. It made me a better person by finding ways that I can help the community.”

    7th grade, Bair Middle
  • “Firewall has helped me achieve a level of responsibility I never would have reached on my own.”

    11th grade, Western High
  • "Firewall will teach you that you have to work to be a leader and that you have to serve to be a leader."

    7th grade, Bair Middle
  • “Firewall helped me to become a better student and person because I’ve gotten to be a better person by helping other students their homework. It also taught me to work hard with anything I want to achieve.”

    6th grade, Plantation Middle

Our Partners

  • Children Services Council of Broward
  • Festus & Helen Stacy Foundation
  • Regent Bank
  • United Way of Broward
  • Community Foundation of Broward
  • Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund
  • AT&T