June 2019 Newsletter

Meet John, an AmeriCorps Firewall Mentor that worked daily with our Western High School students this past school year.

John graduated from Princeton University in 2018 and will attend Duke Law School in the fall to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

He has always had a passion for helping others and serving the community, but it was Firewall’s mission that inspired John to apply and serve as a mentor.

“I was ecstatic about the opportunity to work with young people. High school students should be filled with hopefulness and optimism about the future. Unfortunately, many at-risk youth are shackled by low expectations and have a low opinion of their abilities. At Firewall, I saw firsthand the life-changing power of mentoring. We help students visualize themselves as the next doctors, lawyers, police officers, and mechanics by working with students to develop a concrete plan that make their dreams a realistic achievement,’ said John.

‘This made all the difference for Louie, a student who always dreamed of becoming a firefighter, but didn’t know how to actually make it happen. After we reviewed the basic requirements and charted a plan of action, Louie returned to school with a newfound commitment to his academics, now understanding that his GPA would affect his chances of becoming a firefighter.’

This summer, John will help update our High School program to ensure our students are best prepared to enter the workforce.

“Andy and the Firewall team are constantly looking to improve the program and the services we offer and I’m honored that he’s involved me in this process. I am confident that our evidence-based reforms will make a meaningful impact on our students’ lives.”