January 2013 Newsletter

In just three years, Firewall has more than tripled its numbers. But Firewall is much more than measurable data. It is about the individual student and their story of success. Recently, we were handed a letter by one of our Honor Roll students at the Pompano Center, Melina, which truly touched our hearts. This is what she had to say:

 Dear Firewall,

 You guys have helped me through everything. You are always there for me. You have helped me from homework to social problems. I am so glad that I have you guys. I have been in Firewall since seventh grade. You push me to do my homework. You’re the reason why everything is better. Other people think it’s lame that I go to an after-school program, but I’m glad I have you. You guys are like family to me. You always help me through anything. Without you, I would be a C student no doubt about it. Yes, I know we have our disagreements, but in the end we all love each other. So what I’m trying to say is thank for everything.

Love always, Melina

Melina’s story is why we do what we do. Firewall exists for her. Firewall exists for the at-risk and under-served; for those who havebeen told, “You’re just not good enough.” Firewall is for every student that seeks to become more than a statistic.

As a Firewall family, we have watched Melina grow over the past couple of years. Her life is now an inspiration to other students, and an encouragement to our program. When Melina first walked through our doors she had no idea of her own potential to succeed. Firewall is not about making students into something they are not. It is about helping students realize their own excellence. As time has gone by, friendships have formed and grades have risen. Now Melina, like so many others, has the confidence to pursue success. Firewall believes in its students. We believe in Melina. But more important, Melina now believes in herself.

For all of our readers and supporters, thank you. You are a vital part of what we do. You are essential to Melina’s story. You are essential to the continuing story of Firewall. So, in the words of Melina, what we’re “trying to say is thank you for everything!”

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