December 2015 Newsletter

As the holidays draw closer, we are reminded that this season is truly about “Giving Back,” which is a principle that we continually teach our Firewall students. As they learn what it means to serve others and become servant leaders each day, they realize that thankfulness, joy, and generosity are so much more valuable than any gift they can receive. And this year, our staff is especially grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve and change the lives of the 400+ students that walk through our doors.


Firewall Students receive 2 year scholarships

Firewall Board member, Bill Marks (left) with Firewall students and staff

Nine Firewall students were awarded a two year Florida pre-paid scholarship from the Take Stock in Children (TSIC) program. All nominated students have been in the Firewall program for at least two years and are excelling in their character and academics.

 “It’s good knowing my education is secure and that I have a better chance succeeding later in life,” said Arnold, 9th grade Firewall student. 

Those participating in the Take Stock in Children program will be assigned a professional College Success Coach to help coach, teach, and provide resources on their road to college. In addition, the students will meet once a week with the TSIC adult community volunteer mentor. You can read more about this team effort here.


Pompano Beach Middle School   

We serve 60+ students every single day at this Center. Principal Braziel opened her doors to Firewall Centers four years ago. Thanks to her support, and that of the parents and teachers, we are able to transform students each day throughout the school year.

Principal Braziel and Firewall Program DirectorPrincipal Braziel (left) and Firewall Program Director, Janeth Fernandez 

“Another program came to me and said they wanted to help Pompano Middle, but asked for our best A/B students…Firewall came and said, “we want them all!-Pompano Beach Middle School Principal, Sonja Braziel



Firewall Student
Darryl is a sixth grader at Pompano Beach Middle. When beginning at Firewall, he would not make good use of his time and neglect to write his homework assignments in his agenda. Previously, he would not listen when his mentor would talk to him about his grades and behavior.

After his mentor spoke with his mother and some of his teachers, Firewall developed a new plan to get him on track. By using the Firewall values of integrity and excellence, his mentor motivated him to become a better person and get his grades up.

Site supervisor Shanice said “Now he comes into Firewall with a plan to do his homework and he gets it done. He is a lot more receptive to us helping him

achieve his goals.”




Firewall Mentor Shanice

Shanice is a first-year mentor at Pompano Beach Middle School. She is studying to become a paramedic at Broward College. The Area Director of our Pompano Beach Middle Center, Wolkenzye, said that “Shanice is very much involved with the parents and keeps them aware of their student’s progress.”

After learning more about Firewall and the values taught to students, she thought “this is exactly where I need to be.”

Now, as she has built relationships with students each day at the Center, she has noticed that some students walk through their school day feeling down. “Firewall is there to brighten their day. It’s great to know that I help provide that atmosphere; that some students really look up to me,” said Shanice.





Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

Firewall Family