January 2019 Newsletter

This Christmas, we gave each student at our Walker Elementary Center their own stuffed animal donated by Barry University students and a Christmas book donated by the Local 10 Big Book Drive!

In the area surrounding Walker Elementary, there is a greater percentage of children living in poverty than is found in 97% of all U.S. neighborhoods.

We wanted to give the students a memorable Christmas by going beyond meeting their academic needs and blessing them with a special gift they could enjoy.

 We also partnered with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital who donated Christmas stockings filled with presents to our Crystal Lake Middle School students.

The students loved the gifts and were grateful for their generosity!

Mentor Training

Our goal is to prepare our AmeriCoprs Firewall Mentors to succeed not only as they serve their students, but also as they reach towards their own futures!

So this month, our Mentors received training from the Florida Institute of CPAs (FICPA)!

Brian, Kathyrn, and Mallarie taught our mentors how to build good credit, breakdown their budget, and more!

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for more updates!


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