May 2019 Newsletter

Our Servant Leader Celebration hosted by Eric Yutzy was amazing!

Our keynote speaker, Anita Fain Taylor, shared with the students that “regardless of what job you are given, as small as it may seem, give it your all.”

We also recognized our graduating High School seniors, including Arnold, a Firewall student that has been with us since 6th grade!

Arnold received a four-year full ride scholarship to Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school. He will also be graduating in the top 10 of his class of over 700 students at Western High School!

He shared with tears in his eyes how grateful he was for his Firewall Mentors that supported him throughout Middle and High School.

“I won’t ever forget the times that my Firewall mentor, Taylor Grippo, spent talking with me about my goals and my grades. She has remained committed to my success since the instant that we met. During my ACT and SAT prep, during my college applications; She was always there.”

Arnold’s mother, Arnold, and Taylor Grippo, his previous Firewall Mentor

Thank you for your continued support during the school year and the years to come!