April 2019 Newsletter

Meet De’Andre, a Firewall student. De’Andre didn’t think he’d be able to graduate, but now he’s graduating a year early!

De’Andre started attending Firewall in 6th grade. Throughout Middle School and into 9th grade, he was unmotivated to do work and struggled in most of his classes. But Firewall’s long term mentoring and tutoring developed his confidence and maturity.

For De’Andre it all came together in 10th grade when he decided to become a firefighter. He started to work harder at his school work and began taking extra online classes.

Now in his junior year, because of his own determination and Firewall’s help, De’Andre will graduate this May, a year early!

“He is so polite and mature now. We wish him the best! He is a true example of the long term impact Firewall can have on students,” said Janeth Fernandez, Program Director.

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