October 2017 Newsletter

This month, we were recognized for a prestigious award and formed a new partnership in our community to provide the best for our students.

We Won the AmeriCorps Rising Star Award!

After our first year as an AmeriCorps program, we were presented with Volunteer Florida’s Rising Star Award at their 2016 – 2017 Awards Ceremony in Tallahassee!
Firewall Program Manager, Lisa Ramos, and Volunteer Florida’s CEO, Vivian Myrtetus (left to right)
This award recognizes that, in our first year, we exceeded our program and volunteer goals, including the fact that over 80% of our students improved their literacy skills. We were also commended for excellent Mentor recruitment and retention. You can read more about the award here.
Volunteer Florida’s Chief Executive Officer Vivian Myrtetus said, “[Firewall] exemplifies each of Volunteer Florida’s values – service, leadership, collaboration, excellence, inspiration and innovation… Volunteer Florida is proud to administer [this] award-winning program!”

Myrtetus also toured our Pompano Beach Middle School Center, which allowed her to get a close-up view of our program and meet our Firewall students!

Mentor Aaron, Program Manager Lisa, Firewall student, Volunteer Florida CEO Vivian Myrtetus, Firewall Centers Executive Director Andy Fernandez (left to right)

 A New Community Partner

We recently partnered with Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church and the Saint Vincent De Paul Society who have recruited a group of dedicated volunteers to make sandwiches every Monday through Wednesday for Firewall students at both Western High School and the Orange Park Community Center. These students are now able to enjoy a filling and delicious meal thanks to the generosity of these volunteers!

Thelma Napolitano, Luz Roldan, Laura Poitras, and Carole Muller (Not pictured- George Napolitano)

“We are always trying to find ways to help children, so we were more than happy to get involved with Firewall, who is doing great work helping these students,” said Luz Roldan, a member of Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church.

We are so thankful for this group and appreciate their willingness to serve!

At Firewall, we strive to connect our students with resources and support they need to thrive. Thank you for your support. It is helping to make this school year the best one yet!

Firewall Centers