January 2016 Newsletter

Our motivation for the year

Right before Thanksgiving, the mom of one of our students called and shared some terrible news with us. She lost her job and car and had just 2 weeks to come up with rent money or she and her 3 children would be homeless.

Our Firewall staff was able to connect her to 211Broward, and they supplied the rent she needed to hold her over until she found a job. Still, that didn’t leave her with much food, let alone any extra money to buy Christmas presents for her children.

However, thanks to the generosity of Trader Joe’s in Pembroke Pines, we were able to give her a box filled with food! And thanks also to Keller Williams Realty Partners SW, we were able to bless this single mom with presents to give her children this Christmas.

Donated toys


Bank United Gives $7,500 to the Firewall Vision

We are so thankful for Bank United and their generous gift of $7,500!

Only with the help of community-focused businesses, like Bank United, are we able to further our vision to transform the lives of students. To read more, check out our article online.


Bank United
Fernandez, Firewall Centers Executive Director and Leslie Lunak, Bank United CFO

Firewall Quarterly Staff Training

Each school year, we have a total of four training sessions for our program staff. These times of training are used to develop staff personally, to make them more effectivestaff members, and to teach them new skills and innovative ways to further Firewall’s impact on the 400+ students we serve. Just last Thursday, all Firewall staff gathered for one of these training opportunities.

Everything from Weekly Academic Reports to our value-based curriculum was discussed and brainstormed upon. We also had a special guest graciously donate her time and resources, Broward County Social Worker Betsy Roberts. Mrs. Roberts shared how our staff can become prepared for difficult situations that they may find their students in at any given time – ranging from suicide threats and depression to homelessness, and bullying.

Three of our Pompano Beach Middle School Firewall Mentors 

Firewall Mentors

Betsy Roberts teaching our mentors how to respond in different student crisis scenarios

Betsy Roberts

Our Firewall staff celebrating recent birthdays 

Staff birthdays

We hope that you continue to have a wonderful month and year! We are grateful for your support that allows us to do what we do for students every single day.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how you can get more involved with Firewall in 2016.