January 2018 – We reached our matching challenge goal!

We Reached Our Matching Challenge Goal!

We would like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to reach our $40,000 match!

With the funds raised, we are able to start the year strong and provide 500+ students with the tutoring and mentoring services they need to succeed in school, build their character, and transform into servant leaders.

A Christmas Surprise

Our Firewall Board Member Aaron McKee and his wife, Toni, along with some of their friends, wanted to do something special for our North Side Elementary School students.

So they purchased pajamas for each student and wrapped them up nicely as a Christmas surprise!

The students also enjoyed a Christmas party at their Center where they made Gingerbread houses and ate pizza!
While this may seem like a small thing, we know that our students will not forget it! Our AmeriCorps Firewall Mentors also got to spend quality time connecting with their students and celebrating the Holiday season.

Exciting 2018 ahead!

We just finished our first AmeriCorps Firewall Mentor training of the year where Mentors learned how to most effectively serve students with disabilities as well as how they personally can become more active citizens that can impact their communities.

Our AmeriCorps Firewall Mentors are ready to take on the New Year and continue to help our students succeed!



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