November 2014 Newsletter

Thank You All!

This Thanksgiving, we will sit down to  eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but first pause to think of all we are thankful for. We are thankful for our Firewall students, our mentors, and our faithful supporters. Without your help, Firewall Centers would not be capable of impacting the lives of students the way it has. You are helping to create servant leaders that are learning to take charge and have a plan for their future. Because of your support, these students have healthy relationships and continually are striving to overcome obstacles. Because of you, now they have a chance

 2014  Student-To-Leader Luncheon


Our Annual Student-To-Leader Fundraising Luncheon took place on Thursday, November 6th at the Signature Grand. We have witnessed first-hand our student’s grades, relationships, and outlook on life improve during their time at Firewall. This event was an opportunity for our staff to Spread the Fire to others and get more positive people involved in the lives of these children.

Towards the end of the luncheon, attendees fell quiet as they watched the lives of two graduated Firewall students, Kenneth and Kathia, be completely transformed by this program. Kenneth’s mother said in the video, tears forming in her eyes, that “Firewall is a family. A family that got together to help him, but not only to help Kenneth, but all of their students. At Firewall, there is no distinction. Everyone gets treated the same … These people are angels in the path of each one of these kids. ”




Bair Middle School

Firewall’s Bair Middle School Center in Sunrise is in its second year. As one of our top academically performing centers, it would not be the same without our six mentors and Area Director that have developed a strong support system and family environment for the students.This family begins with the mentors, who have created a weekly tradition amongst themselves, bringing in a dish that is representative of their culture to share with each other. Empanadas were most recently brought in to embrace the Colombian culture.The family atmosphere also carries over to our students who attend this Firewall center located inside of Bair’s cafeteria. The students also have access to a computer room to complete homework assignments. When homework is completed, students can go outside to play with Keith, one of the mentors, or play games inside.“Every once in a while, a student will pull out their instrument and serenade us,” said Esther, the Area Director of Blair and Plantation Middle School. Last year, 40 students attended this center, and this year, the capacity of 60 students has been reached. This center is only continuing to grow, and other students wanting to enter the program are currently on a waiting list.


JephteJeffdy L

One of our students, Jephte, is in 7th grade at Bair Middle School. Jephte came to us struggling with his work. “He worked very hard to bring them up and completed most of the goals he set,” said his mentor, Alex . Now he can be found helping around the center without being asked by one of the mentors, or even helping other students with their homework. “You have to work to be a leader and you have to serve to be a leader,” said Jephte. We are proud of the hard work Jephte has shown, and we are even happier he has developed these skills at Firewall!

Mentor Sharron


Say hello to one of our second year mentors at Bair Middle School, Sharon! When meeting Sharon, she will most likely be wearing a red Firewall t-shirt and a smile on her face. Her dedication to the success of the children she mentors is evident in the time she spends assisting with homework, helping supervise the computer room, or remaining in contact with parents. Sharon describes a mentor as “being a leader that is there for the kids. Someone who shows excellence in their lifestyle, someone who leads with kindness and as a servant. Just helping these kids achieve success.” We believe that Sharon is just that at our Bair Middle School Center. She is able to use her ability to focus on details to help Firewall students reach their educational goals.