February 2018 Newsletter

For Valentine’s Day, our students and mentors gave handmade cards to over 400 residents at three different elderly care centers with the help of Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, all of our Firewall students were taught that they can love others by serving them, so they created personalized cards to express love to the elderly.

Over 60% of elderly residents in Florida will never receive a single visit from family or friends.

So our Firewall High School students brought their smiling faces and youthful energy into the care centers to brighten the day of those living there.

The students handed out cards as they walked throughout the community areas and even visited individual rooms.

Anthony and Zack, 11th grade Firewall students, deliver cards to resident

One of our students, Alexandra from Blanche Ely High, didn’t expect the cards to have such a great impact on the recipients.

When she handed a card to a resident, their response touched her:
“I don’t usually get many visitors or people who go out of their way to bring me such beautiful cards. I really appreciate what you have all done.”

Just the students‘ small act of service of simply showing up, caused many of the residents to light up.

Once they finished handing out cards, the students asked, “When can we come again?

Firewall students and staff smile with Bernadette, a residential coordinator, and Blake Silverstrom, Executive Director of Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida.

For our 5th Annual Serve-A-Thon on April 28th, we will partner with Heart2Heart Senior Outreach to bring more joy to these care centers. We also plan on serving again at Hope South Florida and Feeding South Florida to allow our students the opportunity to give back.

If you want more information on how you can get involved with Serve-A-Thon or volunteer with students, please reach out!


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