March 2015 Newsletter

With Spring Break just around the corner, students are already making plans to hit up the beach, sleep in, and hang out with friends. But before they go, they are working hard to make good grades and finish the 3rd quarter strong!

As you hear from a couple of our students, keep in mind that Firewall’s impact goes far beyond grades. Students are mentored every day by great role models, given opportunities to learn and grow, and taught the importance of being servant leaders in every area of their lives. Enjoy these stories!


Dylan Bulkan


Dylan attends our Plantation Middle School Center and is a shining example of a Servant Leader. Here is what Dylan’s Mentor, Jon, says about him:

“He is always kind and respectful towards other kids in Firewall. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I see him do this daily. Dylan has a sacrificial heart and spends time with other kids helping them with their homework. Dylan had finished studying for a math quiz when he heard that another student also studying for the quiz didn’t understand a problem.

Dylan said ‘I’m here to help.’

This shows his willingness to put others before himself. Dylan also leads by example with not only his great behavior, but with his school work. He has all A’s and one B+.”


Keshia St. Vil


Keshia is a sixth grader at Plantation Middle also, and here’s what she has to say:
“Firewall is important to me because it gives me pointers on life, besides the fact that the Firewall mentors help me with homework. I have learned that I should make the right choices, like a good education, have good character, and live as an unselfish person.My plans are to finish middle school, high school, and then college. I want to have a family and probably go back to get a higher degree.”


Founder Andy Fernandez, Rachel Fernandez, and Broward College President J. David Armstrong


On February 25th, we met with the Broward College President, J. David Armstrong, to    celebrate the Broward College MLK Day of Service that took place in mid-January. We are  thankful for the community support we have received from Broward College and look        forward to collaborating with them in the future!




Serve-a-Thon 2014   We are ecstatic to be planning for our second annual Serve-a-Thon!

   On May 2nd, our 350 Firewall students will have the opportunity to make an impact in their  community as they give back through various service projects.
   Stay tuned over the next two months as we share our journey about this exciting event! If  you’re interested in volunteering of your time, resources, or ideas for this year’s Serve-a-Thon,  feel free to visit our website and contact us.