April 2013 Newsletter

This month at Firewall we would like to share with you, our family, some of the heartfelt and encouraging messages from our Servant Leaders. These students have grown tremendously this past school year, and they have proven themselves servant leaders in and out of the classroom. They have learned what it means to positively impact the lives of others. Here is what they wanted to share:

Servant Leader: Carlos 
“By being a part of Firewall, myself and others have become better students and people. I know from experience what it’s like not being in a great program like Firewall. Last year I was not an excellent student. Now I am always on top of things! This year I have taken notes, asked questions if I have trouble with a problem, study, and pay attention in class. Before Firewall, I was dependent—everything was given to me—I didn’t have to work for it. But now that I’m at Firewall I have learned about having responsibility and that I have to work to achieve stuff. It has made me a better person. I’m proud that I have the title of a Servant Leader.”
– Carlos Sanchez, 10th Grade, Western High School

Servant Leader: Glenda
“Firewall has helped me become a better student and a better person. My mentors have showed me to use the best of my ability for everything I do, even if it is the smallest, least important thing. My mentors have helped me through all my homework so that I can get good grades. I would rather come to Firewall than participate in any school play. This is how Firewall has helped ME be a better student and a better person.”
– Glenda Gonzalez, 7th Grade, Indian Ridge Middle School

Servant Leader: Jahnia
“Firewall has helped me with my homework—especially math! Overall my grades have been boosting, and the mentors are always encouraging me to do better and better and to turn in that work! Firewall has taught me that what I do and learn now affects my future and how God helps us, guiding our way. I really love Firewall and everything it has done for me.”
– Jahnia Romer, 6th Grade, Attucks Middle School

Our mission at Firewall is to positively impact the lives of students—to help transform them into servant leaders. But every year, we as a staff, learn that these students have just as much an impact on our lives. They are inspiring and encouraging, and we can’t help but see a brighter future as they walk out the doors into their dreams. We have hoped to change lives, and our lives have been eternally changed in the process. Thank you for being a part of our crazy family! May your lives also be forever changed and eternally blessed for the love and support you have given.