February 2012 Newsletter

This month, we are highlighting some more of our Servant Leaders and their  stories:

Servant Leader: Abner
Abner is a junior at Western High School. He is a hard-working, smart, and dedicated student and person. Abner helped out with the building project over the summer and did everything from digging ditches to painting. After he got to know us, he decided to give the program a try and has been coming ever since. We are very blessed to have him and to call him our Servant Leader of the Quarter. His words:

“Firewall has helped me achieve high standards and accomplish what I could only dream of. Firewall continues to push me in my path to success, providing me with resources to complete what I have to do. I was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA my first semester this year. I am excited to see what I am going to get the second semester. I am thankful and extremely happy for what Firewall has done for me.”

Servant Leader: Aaron
Aaron is in the eighth grade. He is a great role model for the younger students. He not only gets good grades, but he plays for his youth group’s band. We love having Aaron in the program and are excited to see what the future holds for him! Aaron says:

“Wow… I can’t even explain how much Firewall has helped me. Last year, my grades were slipping and so was I. I got to enroll in this program, and I must say how lucky I am! The mentors and staff are helpful, kind, and very educated. Being in Firewall has helped me to change my outlook on life, making me a more positive person. I really do believe that God has blessed me with amazing friends. Actually He has blessed me with a family, because that is what Firewall is all about.”

Servant Leader: Manuel
Manny is an eighth grader and attends our Pompano center every day. He is well-behaved, has a good attitude about everything, and has been able to achieve all A’s and B’s since the school year began. Even though there can be distractions, Manny always tries to stay focused. He is Servant Leader of the Quarter. Manny’s words:

“Firewall has helped me with my homework and with my schedule. This has helped me become a better student and improve my grades tenfold! Firewall has taught me about four core values: Faith, Integrity, Relationship, and Excellence. These values have helped me change and become a better person overall.”