October 2013 Newsletter

Exciting News at Firewall

Did you see us in the

Yes, that’s right! On Sunday, the Sun-Sentinel featured Firewall in an article that highlighted our expansion to new Centers at Bair and Plantation Middle Schools. Christine Clock, Innovative Programs Coordinator at Bair Middle in Sunrise, shared: “This mentoring relationship provides a unique platform for … students to increase their grades and develop social skills for success.” At Firewall, our partnerships with local schools are essential in making each year a success for our students. You can read the full article here:
Read the newspaper article here!

What’s New on the High School Campus?
Our High School Center has reached its capacity, but God always provides! Thanks to the generosity of several Firewall partners (Bergeron Properties & Investment Corp., Town of Davie, and Remer Services, Inc.), we have been busy moving an additional building to our Davie High School campus. This modular building will make room for new students to join our Firewall family.

Once students graduate from middle school, they enter our High School Program. This program not only mentors students and helps them with their homework, but it provides them with college prep, financial management, job readiness courses, and assistance in applying for college, financial aid, and scholarships.

We are so thankful for the partners that made our expansion possible! However, as we work on this new building, we are in need of painters, roofers, supplies, and more. Learn more here:
Read our Wishlist here to see how you can help!


Cooking With a Cause!

William and Carmen Rivera first heard about Firewall through their church, Christ the Rock Community Church. “As a child I grew up in the projects in Chicago. My mother was a single mom with seven children. There was a similar organization that helped me during my childhood. Today I am the person that I am because someone used their gift and made a huge impact in my life!” Carmen loves cooking and after hearing about what Firewall does, she knew just how she could get involved.

By making Pasteles (a traditional Puerto Rican dish) and selling them to her friends, she has been able to provide over 2 week’s worth of snacks for all 6 centers; that’s 2,000 snacks! “I want to be a part of bringing hope and give just a little bit back of what was given to me, and I can through my cooking.”

No matter what gift you have, you can use it to make an impact! Thanks to all who have helped with the Snack Drive. Our students appreciate getting a daily snack, and we couldn’t do without your partnership.
You can still get involved CLICK HERE to find out how.

Want to be an ambassador for Firewall like Carmen?

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