June 2012 Newsletter

This month, we want to recognize and thank all of our dedicated staff members and volunteers who week after week, day after day, give of themselves to model servant leadership in the lives of each of our students.

“The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have,but in giving of who you are.”

Staff Member: Diana Reyes

I’ve had the privilege of working at Firewall as a mentor for the past year and a half. I can say that it has truly been a life changing experience to observe life change itself happen in the lives of the students that attend Firewall. Students from so many different backgrounds and with so many different stories come to us for help and in the process of helping them improve their grades and walking alongside them, something beautiful happens: transformation.  Sometimes it’s slower than others, but the change in outlook and attitude is almost always  present. Students come to truly believe in themselves and learn to never quit.

I will be pursuing a Master’s degree in the fall and sadly will have to leave Firewall. But the nice thing about working and being a part of Firewall is that Firewall never leaves you. I will miss my students very much but the relationships I formed with them have helped changed them and have changed me in the process. What an amazing blessing!

Volunteer: Thomas Chen

I began volunteering at Firewall in the fall of 2010 in order to fulfill a community service requirement for medical school at Nova Southeastern University. However, working with the  students at Firewall quickly turned from an obligation to a personal passion. Even before I completed the community service requirement, I knew that teaching and mentoring students who were eager to learn was an opportunity that I would strive to maintain week after week.

Firewall is a unique organization. Firewall combines a fundamental faith in Christ and spirit of service with dedicated leaders and a talented staff. I truly believe that without all these components Firewall would not be an effective ministry. As a Christian myself, my desire is to invest my time and energy where God can bless. And the Lord certainly has blessed, helping young adults to succeed in class as students and to make good decisions as servant leadership.

While the most apparent victories have occurred in the lives of the students, I would like to point out that students have been an encouragement to me, and afforded me an opportunity to serve the Lord. Studying medicine can be wearying and even stressful at times, but I’m   thankful for the refreshment that I’ve received from teaching and counseling students, and even playing games with them. Indeed, I believe that this mutual interaction is how community    service was intended to operate.

Job Opportunity

Firewall is growing fast because of the urgent need that young people have for academic assistance and positive role models in their lives. As part of our expansion, we seek to hire part-time individuals who are looking to change the lives of middle and high school students during the critical after-school hours. If you are interested in making a difference and serving others, contact us at 954-252-0838 or Please check out our website for more information.