October 2012 Newsletter

It really is a beautiful thing to see how much students love to be a part of the “Firewall Family.” No matter what they go through in their personal lives, they know that at Firewall, they have a safe place to go to, loving and caring mentors, and practical academic assistance that ultimately helps them to succeed.

We have rapidly growing centers and waiting lists to go along with them. The needs are so numerous, but we are just not expanding fast enough to meet every single one of them! Our ultimate goal at Firewall is to be able to change the futures of every student in Broward County’s middle schools and high schools!

Now, we want to share with you an update on all that is happening across our centers!

Around Our Centers

Davie High School Center: Kenneth, an 11th grader in the program, says that “coming to Firewall has helped me in so many ways. I do better in exams and they [Firewall staff] check my homework and grades every day.”

The year began with 32 registered students. Now, we have 43, which exceeds our capacity of 40. We have set high standards for these students, making it clear to them that high school is a critical time in their education and every grade counts towards their future.

Davie Middle School Center: Sixth grader Michelle told us that “Firewall has helped me with my homework and projects and I made new friends!”

We have 50 students, with daily attendance there being 88%! Unfortunately, the waiting list at this center is very long, as new parents are literally coming by the center week  after week, trying to sign up their student for the program.

Pompano Beach Middle School Center:Catherine, an 8th grade Firewall student, says this about Firewall: “Firewall has helped me learn more about God, helped me do my homework and helped me with my grades. I love the staff and I enjoy the relationships I’ve made with friends.”
Firewall’s center at Pompano Beach Middle School is running incredibly efficiently. Beginning this year with 16 returning students, we now have 30 with the daily attendance rate there being over 90%! Now that we are settled in at the school and the first quarter is over, we will be reaching out to increase center attendance to 40.

Hollywood Middle School Center: Keandre, a 6th grader, says that “Firewall keeps me from being home by myself and helps me do my homework because my mom works and doesn’t have the time to help me.”

The Hollywood Center began this year with only 6 students. We are excited to say that we now have 15. Students have been spreading the word to their friends around the neighborhood and we expect to be at our capacity in the next few weeks.