April 2016 Newsletter

VictoriaMeet Victoria. Her story of transformation did not happen overnight. She has been part of Firewall since sixth grade and lacked motivation throughout middle school. She kept C’s and D’s on her report card and wasn’t happy to be at Firewall after school.


We didn’t give up on her even though she wanted to give up on us. We focused on taking small steps to increase her motivation, academics, and maturity. When she entered our high school program, she still struggled because she really wasn’t involving the right people in her life. But what we saw in 9th that we didn’t see before was she really was trying. Her attitude and outlook on life changed,” said Janeth Fernandez, Director of Programs.


Victoria is now a 10th grader, receives A’s and B’s on her report card, and serves by tutoring Firewall Middle School students. She encourages the students in the program to give it their best and to not give up. Victoria recently expressed her gratitude for Firewall to a group of parents that were looking to register their students for our High School program. “I am so grateful Firewall Mentors did not give up me when I did not care about school and when I saw them as my enemies because they made me do homework. Your children will appreciate it too,” said Victoria.

Help us serve 100 more students next year!

On Saturday, April 30th, Firewall’s 400 students, their mentors, and volunteers will engage in day of service to make a lasting impact in the community. This event is none other than our annual Serve-A-Thon!


Serve-A-Thon will also help raise funds to serve 100 more students next year! You can be a part of our growth and give to Serve-A-Thon today.
Our Firewall students will be serving at Synder Park, Hope South Florida, the Ann Storck Center, and Feeding South Florida.

 Serve-A-Thon in the News

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As always, thank you for helping us achieve our mission and transform students into servant leaders.

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