April 2018 Newsletter

Meet Nakita, a 9th grader who started at Firewall in 6th grade.

This past year has been very difficult for Nakita as one of her close friends died in a tragic car accident. She has also faced numerous health issues that have caused her to miss a lot of school.

As a result, Nakita’s grades began to drop as she felt overwhelmed by all her circumstances.

That’s when her Firewall Mentor Yasmin stepped in and encouraged her to stay focused on the positive things in her life. She also worked alongside Nakita to help her catch up on all the work she had missed.

The good news is Nakita has not only done well in all her classes throughout this difficult year, but she has also continued to be an intern at the Middle School Firewall Center close to her High School.

Nakita feels strongly that helping the younger Firewall students during her struggles has ultimately strengthened her as a person and given her a positive outlook on life.

Nakita’s story also has made an impact on her Mentor, Yasmin.

“Firewall has given Nakita the academic and emotional support she needed to succeed. Students like Nakita make me love serving at Firewall more and more everyday,” said Firewall Mentor, Yasmin.

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