September 2013 Newsletter

We’re on FIRE!
Davie Middle School CenterSchool is officially back in session! With three brand new Firewall Centers up and running at Bair, Plantation, and Indian Ridge Middle Schools and six Centers total, things have been eventful to say the least!

As one of our new mentors Michael was checking grades last week, he noted how “the students become part of you and part of your heart” and we all agree. We have had the most action-packed first three weeks of school in Firewall History! With an overwhelming response from parents trying to get their students into our program and piles of applications forced onto waiting lists, you might say that we’re on FIRE!

Read more about our event-filled opening week here!

Tree Planting with Davie

At Firewall, our mission is to help all of our students recognize their potential and empower them to make this world a better place!

This past week, we were able to do just that as we partnered with the Town of Davie to plant trees and shrubs at Firewall’s High School Center. We had six of our students volunteer to give our Center a new and beautiful look for this upcoming year! This project gave these students the meaningful opportunity to do something for their community and give back. Students showed up ready to work and with such willing attitudes.

It was truly fulfilling to observe them, as they made sure to lay down the dirt and plant each tree in the right place. Not only did they work hard, but they had fun while doing it!

Check out the great pics of the kids working hard here!

We Love our Partners!

We just want to thank the Town of Davie for their partnership throughout the years! At Firewall, we are always looking for such partnerships. Not to be cliché, but “it takes a village to raise a child.”

At Firewall, we are on the front-lines fighting for our kids’ education and future, but we know we cannot win this battle alone… Schools, governments, churches, home groups, corporations, and of course our teachers and parents. We need your help and together we will transform our community!

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