We Help Our Schools Succeed

Out of Firewall’s 9 centers, Bair Middle School is the largest. Serving over 80 students every day, our staff and AmeriCorps members (pictured above) assist with homework help and career development. This center is funded by the Children’s Services Council of Broward (CSC Broward) and AmeriCorps.


Every week, Bair Middle students engage in Social Emotional Lessons and Cultural Arts and Nutrition/PE activities that increase their life skills and ultimately help them become well-rounded individuals as they grow up.

But that is not all we do with Bair Middle students. This year, we had the amazing opportunity to work even closer with the school’s administrative staff for the betterment of the school and students. Because of our close and long-term relationship with the school, the Magnet Coordinator asked us to write a letter of recommendation for their school to receive a national Magnet School award.


“Bair Middle School [was] proud to receive a Magnet School of Excellence merit award from the Magnet Schools of America. Bair offers high quality, rigorous, and specialized programs to inspire students from all walks of life and prepare them for college and the workforce.”


Bair Middle even offers helpful references and instructions where parents can access the school’s Parent and Family Engagement Plan on their website at aims to continue growing its impact at Bair and at our other centers just like this one.