Building Curriculum

At Firewall Centers, our students are not just assisted with their homework, but we create curriculum to help them better understand the world around them. 

Our Elementary School Mentors spend hours making lessons, PowerPoints, and games for their students. Some of the topics we discuss include taking care of our environment and how they can apply math and reading to real world, day-to-day experiences. This helps our students realize that the world is more than just school and grades, and allows them to connect the knowledge they gain with the real world.

All the while, we are able to teach all of our centers from our unique T.H.I.N.K. and Life Skills Curriculum. These lessons include Drug and Alcohol Prevention along with aspects that assist our kids with social and emotional health. Our students even become excited just seeing our Life Skills Director, Greg, log in to the Zoom call. The relationships we build with our students is the most important part of our program. It allows us to walk through each part of their life with them.