Sun Sentinel Doyle Award for Nonprofit Excellence

We are honored to announce that we are the recipients of the Doyle Award for Nonprofit Excellence, an award that spotlights 1 nonprofit per month and the the impact it is making in the community. Our Board of Directors put in hours of hard work to ensure the transformation of students’ lives in Broward County.

As seen in Sun Sentinel, Broward Society:

Firewall Centers’ mission is to instill character values, promote academic success and establishes long-term relationships with middle and high school students through afterschool programming.

Firewall serves 350 low-income middle and high school students at Broward County Public Schools. More than 90 percent of students receive free/reduced lunch at school and come from minority families, with many being supported by single parents.

Firewall’s low 10:1 student-to-staff ratio ensures that students receive the individual attention they need to succeed. Center staff consists of college students that tutor, mentor and coach children, connecting with them in ways that others cannot.

The centers are located within public schools, providing accountability to students by working together with their teachers, parents and counselors. Firewall is not just a program – it’s a family.
Board members are actively involved in building Firewall’s capacity, each bringing unique experiences, qualities and capabilities to the table. One-hundred percent of members financially support Firewall and attend board meetings at least six times annually. Board members also speak to Firewall students on a quarterly basis. Annually, the board evaluates its performance and composition, determining how to best strengthen Firewall as a whole.

“As we work with parents and schools to impact underserved students, we find that it’s not only important to give kids a safe place to hang out, but a place where they’re expected to perform to the best of their ability,” said Andy Fernandez, president and executive director. “Firewall’s approach of walking through life with students ultimately helps them see that with the right help and their own hard work, they can break the cycle of poverty and reach their greatest potential.”

For more information on Firewall Center, call 954-252-0838 or visit