Annalyse also came to Firewall in the 6th grade, but we have known her since she was in 4th grade when she would come to the Center every day to pick up her brother, Angelo. Janeth Fernandez remembers how “quiet and shy she was, but was always so interested in learning every chance she could. Annalyse was always smart about surrounding herself with good people that encouraged her to work harder.

I can’t even picture Annalyse’s face without a big smile or a giggle. We knew she was a natural servant leader when she was always the first to run up and volunteer at all of our Firewall events. Annalyse has a way of standing out in a crowd and it’s definitely not because she is that shy little girl anymore. In fact, we all know when Annalyse enters the Firewall Center as she shouts her arrival. However, it’s because there is always joy when she is around.  Her great work ethic paired with a wonderful attitude makes her stand out in all she does.”

Annalyse wants to be an elementary school teacher and would make the best one, as she is very loving and caring. When she was in her junior year of high school, we gave her an opportunity to intern with Firewall’s middle school students. She did a great job and with her smiles and caring personality, she made sure the students did their homework every day. In her senior year, we also hired her as a part-time mentor to our middle school students. Annalyse just graduated from Western High School with a 3.54 GPA. She too maintained excellent grades, completed over 300 community service hours, and even dual enrolled at Broward College, taking five college classes as a senior. We are confident that Annalyse will eternally impact all of the kids who are blessed enough to have her as a teacher in the future!