Understanding your child’s assignments in Pinnacle Gradebook

Z’S, X’S, AND 0’S, OH MY!

Pinnacle Gradebook can be confusing at times, but have no fear, this post is here to help! Here are four different types of grades that you may see a teacher input for any given assignment:
  •   If an assignment is BLANK, this may mean that your child hasn’t turned in their work or the teacher has not inputted their grade yet.
  •   Z – Your child CAN make up the assignment. These assignments must be made up within a specific time period or the teacher might not accept them.
  • 0 – This assignment CANNOT be made up. Depending on the teacher’s policy, they might accept late work so do not lose all hope.
  •   X – This means that your child has been excused from this assignment, and it cannot hurt their grade. Often, teachers will put an “X” for extra credit assignments that were not completed.

All your Pinnacle Gradebook questions answered here:


Q.   If my child says that they turned in an assignment but receive a 0, Z, or the assignment still has no grade assigned, what should I do?

A. You can email the teacher right from Pinnacle to follow up.


Q.   If my child consistently does poorly on tests/quizzes, how can I help them?

A. Take the time to remind them to study. Some teachers have consistent test dates so

become familiar with these. For example, when homework for a particular chapter is due,

some teachers test on it on the same day. These set schedules are great because you can then

help your child study for their tests in advance.


Q.   Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

A. Become familiar with weekly assignment due dates (current events, reading logs, etc.)

Teachers usually do not let students make-up these assignments since they are so frequent.

Every grade counts!


Before students arrive each day at Firewall Centers, AmeriCorps Firewall Mentors have checked the students’ Pinnacles and are aware of any missing or upcoming assignments.

Read more about from the students they serve here.