Firewall Centers partners with parents, teachers, and schools to promote the success of each student.

Principal’s Message:

“Another program came to me and said they wanted to help Pompano Middle, but asked for our best A/B students… Firewall came and said, “we want them all.”

                                                                     -Principal Sonja Braziel, Pompano Beach Middle.

How do we interact with parents?


Firewall is committed to the long-term success of each student, from the moment they begin Middle School until High School graduation.



Firewall provides parents with the necessary tools to keep their students on track to graduation.



Firewall communicates to parents about their Firewall student’s attendance, behavior, and course performance.


What do parents like most about Firewall?

"It motivates my child and provided the time and the help I'm unable to do."

"Firewall is the best thing that happen to my son and me. His grade has improve and he feels comfortable."

"The after school program has offer my child help in so many ways, examples. Help with H.W, self-esteem and how to value time."

"My child is able to have tutoring and mentors to help her with her homework and the location is on her school campus."