Managing Behavior at Firewall

Here are some of our Firewall policies on handling behavior issues at the centers.  How can you apply these at home?


Rumors or Drama:

  • Students may either bring drama that took place at school and/or on the bus into the center or something took place at Firewall that caused an issue. First, determine if the situation is an emergency or if it can wait until HW time.
  • Let the students involved know that they are at Firewall to complete their HW and that Firewall is a place where everyone gets along.
  • If the situation continues, address the issue and inform the Director if necessary. Always keep in mind that the classroom cannot be left unattended.


Inappropriate Behavior (Profane/Sexual):

  • Encourage students to use the proper language. Remind them that points will be deducted and a parent called if the behavior is not corrected.
  • If the student touches someone inappropriately, depending on the seriousness of their action, the mentor is to inform the Center Director who will then contact the parent and possibly issue a suspension. At Firewall, there is a no tolerance policy in this area of behavior although each incident is handled individually.
  • Behavior that is sexually inappropriate can also be in the form of suggestive remarks or sexual comments. If a student(s) is caught in any of these acts, the Center Director should be informed and a parent should be contacted.


Fight or Gang-Related Activity:

  • Very calmly and without alarming the rest of the students, find another mentor or the Center Director to help you. Never handle these situations alone.
  • Fighting, depending on how serious the problem is, should be handled by the Center Director who will call the parent and/or suspend the student from the Firewall Center.
  • Make sure that the rest of the students are doing their HW.
  • In some situations, there is no time to have the students explain what is going on. Isolate the students that have homework and those that are involved in the situation.
  • There are times in which you can call all of the parties involved and let them talk it out.
  • Make sure that this takes place in an area that the other students cannot access.
  • Never engage in private conversation with a student.
  • Always update the Director of any situation that occurs at the end of the day.


Stealing (Snack/Games/Electronic Devices):

  • Observe to be certain that the item is actually missing. Do not react without knowing for sure who did it.
  • If any staff member is informed of who did it, then a search will be made in an open space. In each student’s Registration form, Firewall is given permission to search their belongings.
  • If no one knows who took the item, then an assembly will be held and the topic discussed. Based on past experience and with God’s intervention, the item will appear.
  • Always inform the Center Director who will then contact the parents.