Knowing your child’s homework- tools & resources

Student: I have no homework…

Time to check School Notes!

School Notes provides mostly middle school students and parents with homework information. It also contains vocabulary lists, worksheets, and study guides.How to use School Notes in 5 steps:

  1. Go to new.schoolnotes.com
  2. From there, click on the blue tab labeled “Parents.”
  3. Look on the right for “By School” and fill out the information relating to Country, State, District, and School (i.e. USA, Florida, Broward, Pompano Beach Middle School)
  4. You will then see “Teacher Results.”
  5. Find the teacher and click on the blue link corresponding to the right teacher (i.e. J. Doe).
    Warning: Every teacher is different so be sure to become familiar with the website.

Student: I need to check my Instagram…

Well check your Edmodo first!

Another useful website that helps keep track of upcoming assignments is Edmodo. Edmodo allows students to connect with their teachers about their assignments, tests, study resources and important announcements.Students can communicate with teachers, submit assignments, or ask questions.

How to log onto Edmodo in 3 steps:

  1. Go to https://broward.edmodo.com/
  2. Once the page opens, click to sign in. Each student has a username and password as well as a group code assigned by a teacher.
  3. Once a student has an account, Edmodo can also assign a code for the student’s parent to create an account as well.