Firewall Graduates


Kathy attended Firewall 6th to 12th grade and was an intern during her last year as a student. Upon graduation, Kathy became a mentor at a Middle School Center and began college. She is now pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations at a University.


Kenneth started Firewall in 10th grade and with the help of Firewall, he was able to graduate high school. This was a great accomplishment for him and his family, as he became a first generation graduate. Currently, he is attending a local technical school and is motivated to complete an Automotive Technology program. Following the Firewall principal of Keep Giving Back, Kenneth plans on having his own business to provide a service to his community.


Saraleen attended Firewall during her high school years. With the help of the Firewall program, she graduated and earned a college scholarship. She then developed a desire to give back to Firewall Centers and became a mentor. Because of her outstanding dedication, she currently supervises two Centers as an Area Director.


Abner graduated from Firewall while he also was dual enrolled at a local college. Because of his hard work, he was then able to study in Italy for a semester as he works towards obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Languages. After graduating, he plans to pursue his Master's Degree in International Business Management.