Broward Schools Virtual Counselor Overview

As a parent or a student, Virtual Counselor could be one of your most powerful tools of your school career.  However, just opening the website could easily be overwhelming and confusing.  This is because there is so much information available which once you get the hang of it you’ll be the master of understanding yours or your students grades and academic profile, where you stand currently and where you need to be to graduate and get into college.

Here is a basic overview to help you get started:

To log into Virtual Counselor:

  • Go to www.browardschools.com
  • From there, click the link that says “Virtual Counselor.”
  • Once the page opens, click to log in as a “Student.”
  • Type in the student’s ID number (i.e. 0600000000) and birth date (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY). Forward slashes are necessary.

Once you log into Virtual Counselor, the Student Info drop down menu appears on the top.

The following tabs are available to choose from:

ABSENCES:  has a summary of each student’s attendance per school year.

ACADEMIC HISTORY: has a summary of each student’s grades per school year.

ASSIGNMENT HISTORY: is the student’s history of retention or promotion throughout his/her education in the Broward County School system.

COURSE REQUESTS: is for high school students only. It shows the schedule of upcoming courses that may need approval by a counselor.

DRIVER’S EDUCATION: is for high school students only and offers free Driver’s Ed classes. Students can also take Driver’s Ed through FLVS (www.flvs.net).

GRADUATION INFORMATION: is for high school students only as well. This tab informs you of what courses a student has taken, what they need in order to graduate, their test scores, GPA, community service hours completed, etc.

MARKING PERIOD GRADES: gives you information by quarters. Check this when you want to see the grades for the year.

MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRESS: is for middle school students only. It shows updated FCAT scores and information on whether the student met the current year’s requirements.

PINNACLE GRADEBOOK: is the most important section on the site. Pinnacle is where the student’s current grades are available.

OBLIGATIONS: shows if the student owes any money to the school.

STUDENT SCHEDULE: tells you what classes the student is currently enrolled in and their teachers’ names in order of period.

TEST SCORES: allows you to get a better idea of where the student is placed (i.e. regular classes, advanced classes, AP classes, etc.). This section provides the student’s FCAT and Benchmark test scores as well as SAT, ACT, and EOC scores for high school students.

CAREER VISION: is for middle school students only. This section provides students with lessons on careers, decision making, and other areas.