Our Students

Firewall Centers serves

over 400 students each day.

94% of Firewall students receive free/reduced lunch

57% are from single parent homes

What Our Students Have to Say

“Firewall helps me do my best at math because math is kind of difficult for me and the problems always trick me.”   -Anthony


Brightson, Firewall Student

“At Firewall, I realize that you should serve others just because you can.”    -Brightson

“Firewall has helped me improve in all aspects; I’ve grown in my study habits and am more social with others around me.”  -Rhovens


Rhovens Belizaire

“Firewall showed me about giving back. I’m happy to know I can always help others when they need it.”    -Elizabeth


Firewall Graduates

"My mentors were always there and thanks to them, peer pressure is not going to hit me." -Kathy

"Firewall Centers is more than a non-profit organization that helps students with homework—they are a family who helps students to accomplish their dreams.” -Abner

"Without them, I couldn't be the person that I am right now." -Kenneth

"Faith is important to have because you have to believe in yourself and never give up!" - Stefanie

"Having respect for others is important because you would want others to respect you." -Annyiah

"I need to be excellent at school because I need to try my best to do what I can do to succeed!" -Bernise